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NRU Summer Kickoff

The Lower South Recreation Area (SRA) Fields
are used for open play and intramural sports as well as being the home to our softball sport club team. There is an asphalt walking track around the perimeter of the fields that is half a mile long.

The nine-acre Lower SRA fields were converted to synthetic turf in summer 2015. The turf helps us reduce intramural game cancellations due to inclement weather and allows us to meet the demand for more teams and more sports to be included in our intramural program.

The fields are available for open play beginning at noon on most days and closing at dusk. Open play will not happen if the fields are reserved or are being used by intramural sports. Learn more about open play hours.

The Upper South Recreation Area (SRA) Fields are used for sport club team practices and games. There are two full-sized fields that are home to our cricket, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, and soccer teams.

The fields, located behind the parking services building on Tech Center Drive, are only used for the sport club teams. We ask that all open play take place on the Lower SRA Fields.

Lower and Upper Field Map